About Me

Hello, welcome to my site, How to get rid of bed bugs permanently. This site is going to help you thru the process of eliminating these pesky tiny creatures from your home quickly and effectively.

About Me

These bed bugs can be a nuisance to everyone’s path they cross, especially if they bring their buddies along for the ride and invade your territory. This has happened to me more times than I would’ve like to admit and this is why I’m here so I can share my methods of elimination with you. You can share your methods with me as well. Let’s work together to rid the earth of these blood-sucking annoying insects!! If you have experienced bed bugs, you know how they can flip your life upside down in a matter of weeks to months. You know the psychological effect that can occur from the lack of sleep, the constant feeling of being attacked and the constant feel of itchiness. Bed bugs have cost me money, and I have lost plenty of furniture and I have lost plenty of sleep due to there bites. I’ve even had to move countless times. They literally turned my world upside down more than a few times. I got to the point I got fed up then decided to do something about it. I was losing sleep anyway so I decided to research these bed bugs, and what kills them, and try a few methods to see what works and what doesn’t work. I would like to share with you what I came up with. 😊 👌

My Story

I remember the first time I got bed bugs and how they came about, My dad use to always say to me when I was young, “Goodnight sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Of course, at that time I had no idea what bed bugs were and I’m pretty sure he didn’t either. But in the early year of 2008 while living in a house in the city I encountered my first bed bugs. First two years in my home no bed bugs that I knew of existed. I started having more company than usual a couple birthday parties for my kids and I believe that is how the nightmare started. I slept on my couch often, one night while sleeping I felt something bite me, and then I started itching uncontrollably. I’ve assumed it must be a mosquito so I went back to sleep. Then I felt something bite me again. So I popped up, looked around I seen nothing and I laid back down.

After a few nights of sleeping downstairs on the couch and getting bit, I decided to stay up to see what was biting me. Then I saw it a small flat brown oval shape bug running along the couch, I bent down looked along the side of the couch and to my surprise found more. I was freaked out that I immediately ran to the kitchen and grabbed a container to put one in it. Then I pulled out my laptop to do some research, found out that they are bed bugs. From there the nightmare begins. It continued for a whole year. Then I encountered them a few times throughout the years again.

Ultimately coming up with ways to eliminate these little pesky bugs. I would now like to share my methods with you! If you have any methods to share with me as well feel free to drop a comment to let everyone know how you got rid of those annoying bed bugs. Lets rid the world of bed bugs together.

Getting rid of bed bugs is not an easy task. It will require much work and can be very costly. That is why I am here, so I can help share some tricks and techniques I learned along the way. And also some research that I have studied and tried that have worked for me. You don’t have to live with bedbugs and don’t just accept them either.

All the best,

Shyia Love


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