Can You Tell If You Have Bed Bugs In Your Bed | Find Bed Bugs In Your Bed

Can you tell if you have bed bugs in your bed? Those creepy little pesky flat creatures make it hard for anyone to see them. But I promise you if you suspect you have bed bugs and you look hard enough, you will be able to find them on your bed. Why you might ask? Because they want you!

Find Bed Bugs In Your Bed

The first thing you want to do when it comes to finding bed bugs in your bed is to check your blankets, pillows, and sheets for blood spots. The bed bugs will excrete dark bloodish looking spots when they are done digesting a meal. They may also be crushed while they are feeding on their host, which would show a bloodstain. If you find these spots on your bedding then most likely you got bed bugs.

When you are done looking for the blood spots, and you discover you got bed bugs, then go ahead and remove all bedding from the bed. Seal them in a trash bag and take them to get washed and dried on the safest hottest temperatures. Do not put your clothes back in that same bag. Throw your bag away and use a new one for the clean blankets, sheets, and pillows.

Inspecting Your Mattresses and Box Springs For Bed Bugs

What you want to do next is take along the seams of the mattresses on top and under. You are looking for brown tiny flat bugs. Their eggs are small oval and white.


You should be able to see them. Bed bugs and their eggs are visible to naked to the eye. You will want to have a flashlight or you can use the flashlight on your phone to easily spot the bed bugs. If you have like one or two-bed bugs it may be hard to find. But if you have the start of an infestation you will be able to see the bed bugs easily.

After you check the seams of the mattresses move on to the box springs. Look along the sides of the box of spring, under the box spring. Did you find a bed bug? If you even suspect you have bed bugs or you have found a bed bug you will want move on to the next step.

You Have Bed Bugs Now What?

Most likely if they are on your bed, then they going to be on your furniture as well. Continue to check all your furniture as well as your clothes, dressers, behind the baseboards, check your electronics, outlets, cracks, crevices, basically you want to check everywhere. Most likely anywhere your family gathers or sleeps is where the bed bugs will be.

If you can afford to call a pest control that deals with bed bugs. Make sure when you call them, you ask them if they can get rid of bed bugs and there pricing. Pest control can be costly but well worth it. They are professionally trained to take care of the bed bug problem.

If you can not get pest control to come out right away. You should start treating the problem on your own.

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Don’t Do Nothing

One of the worse things you can do is sit there and do nothing. Bed bugs can get way beyond control. They can affect you and your family’s life. Costing you time and money. I have known during my periods of times throughout my life I was dealing with bed bugs they greatly affected my life.

My anxiety was already bad but became much worse when they came along. I had to deal with many sleepless nights. It always felt like there was something crawling on me. I wasn’t one of those people that we’re comfortable with bed bugs at all. How could you be comfortable with getting bite all the time?

I know some people that actually are doing nothing with their bed bug problem. They think that is embarrassing so they pretend not to have a bed bug problem. Then there are some that can’t do anything about the problem because they don’t have the necessary money to invest in getting rid of them. Then there are people with special health conditions that will need assistance in getting rid of the bed bugs.

(If you know anyone with special health conditions and you know they have bed bugs please help them out to the best of your ability.)

Some Free Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

There are some ways to get rid of bed bugs on your own. You just have to be very persistent. You have to stay on top of the problem every day until they disappear. It will take up some of your time and cost you little.

Here are some free ways of treating the bed bug problem…

  • Constantly washing all beddings, furniture covers, anything that can go in the washer that you feel bed bugs maybe on..
  • Vacuum carpets and furniture consistently. Throw away vacuum bags when finished out to a dumpster.
  • Treat your furniture and carpets with natural bed bug spray. Try to stay away from harmful chemical sprays (bad for your health because most of them barely work. And bed bugs develop a resistance to some pesticides.
  • Use bed bug mattress and box spring encasements. (Try to find some covers that seal up the sofas and chairs as well)
  • Keep everything organized (avoid a lot of clutter/bed bugs may hide in cluttered areas)
  • Keep company limited little to none until your bed bug problem is taken care of (reason being cause you can run the risk of spreading bed bugs to others or maybe the bed bugs are coming from the company)

Getting rid of bed bugs can be hard but if you work at it every day you can get rid of them on your own. Its all in how you take care of the problem. Don’t give up on getting rid of them cause I promise you the problem will just get worse. You don’t want to live with bed bugs and you shouldn’t have too. So never settle until you resolve your problem.


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