Do Bed Bugs Look Like A Human Eye



Do Bed Bugs Look Like A Human Eye

Do bed bugs look like a human eye? Theoretically yes and no…but the real question is…

Are Bed Bugs Visible To The Naked Eye


Bed bugs are flat shape tiny creatures they are oval-shaped. After a blood meal, their body becomes blood-filled. Adult bed bugs are very easy to see with the naked eye. Younger bed bugs are a little harder to see, but you could definitely still see them especially after they feed.

bed bug

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Are bedbugs known to be visible to the naked human eye? During my experiences with bed bugs, the answer to that question is yes and no. The adult bed bugs can be very visible, but the baby-sized and the medium-sized bed bugs are not always easy to see. You may be able to spot them more easily after they feed. As they become more mature they become easier to see.

Bed bug eggs are also not very easy to spot unless you really take a good look. You will mostly find these eggs on corners of walls or cracks in the couches and crevices where the bed bugs nest. The bed bug eggs are oval-shaped liked about 1mm in size.

If you are trying to spot a bed bug in your home you must know that they actually slow but can quickly disappear. They can bite you in one second and be gone in the next. Their flat bodies make them capable to squeeze into cracks and corners of the furniture very quickly and easily.

Bed Bugs Can Be Difficult To Find

If you are on a hunt for a bed bug make sure you have ready:

  • a bright flashlight
  • a piece of tissue
  • a jar with lid
  • a piece of tape

You are going to want to start your hunting time between 12:30 am to 5:30 am. Those are the time’s bed bugs most likely feed on their host. Or you can start your hunting as soon as you wake up from being bite like I do. If you a light sleeper and you can feel a bed bug biting you this will be easy to do.

Most likely, most people won’t feel the bite though because bed bugs inject an anesthetic, and an anticoagulant so that their host won’t realize that they have been bitten.

Also, most people may not even have any signs of getting bit by a bed bug at all. This creates big problems in the long run for them because they don’t even realize they have a bed bug problem.

So as you start your first hunt first you going to look all over and your sheets to see if you can spot the bed bug that just bit you. And if it didn’t bite you and you just up for the night hunting you may need some type of bait, whether it’s a bed bug trap or you sit in the middle of the bed in the dark waiting for one to come to get you. You either going to capture it with your jar then put the lid on it or you gonna kill it with the tissue or capture it with the tape choice is yours.

You will want to have your jar ready, tissue handy or tape ready. When trying to find you the bed bug you can either pick it up with tape or you can smash it with tissue or capture it. A little warning if you choose to smash it, It may leave a bloodstain on your mattress or sheet where ever you smash it at.

The whole point of going on a bed bug hunt is to find out if you have bed bugs in the first place. If you were getting bit late nights you want to know what is biting you so you can find a solution to get rid of the problem.

While your hunting remember that it will take time to really look. Make sure to look along the seams of the mattresses and on the sides of the mattress as well as on the top and bottom. Hold the flashlight as close to the mattress as you can while you looking. Here is one of the pictures below I personally toke on my bed bug hunt. I saw this bed bug when I lift up the sheets on my mattresses.

My bed bug picture CD

After I realized that there was more than one bed bug I have figured there might be some other bed bugs and some eggs on the bed so I had toke a handheld steamer  and I steamed the entire box spring and mattress along the sides, the seams, the top, the bottom. Then I let it air dry for a couple of hours. The whole process time toke about 4 hours. Beings that I didn’t have a infestation just a visitor the steaming process permanently toke care of my bed bug problem.

How Long Does It Take To Spot A Bed Bug

Throughout the whole process of hunting for a bed bug, you must have patience. You can be sitting for a few minutes to a few hours. You will need to have patience and time. If you have bed bugs you will definitely eventually end up seeing one or getting bite by one.

If you add up everything I did from the start of the hunt which takes 35 minutes, and then the next day capturing the following bed bug and steaming the box springs and mattress which take 4 hours. So total time on everything bed bug 4 hours and 35 minutes.

That’s not bad because sometimes depending on how bad your bed bug problem is it can take a lot longer than that and end up being for a few days to a few weeks or more. I want to note that this is maybe the start of an infestation for me. That is why I’m on a hunt. People close in my life that comes to visit me from time to time does have bed bugs and I can’t pinpoint out who it is really, so I really may not be able to stop the bed bug cycle unless I don’t let anyone visit me at all. So I’m always aware of my situation. Being aware of your situation can help keep you keep a bed bug free home, because you will not have a blind eye. If you get bite you will automatically be prepared and ready to take care of it.

I want you to remember this can happen to anyone. Bed bugs do not discrimanate. So don’t ever be embarrassed if you come across a bed bug situation. 99% chance that it’s not your fault, and that you just came in contact with someone or been in a place that has bed bugs.

So let’s come together and help each other. Let’s start speaking up and finding solutions to get rid of this huge outbreak of bed bugs problem across the world. No one rich or poor, young or old deserves to bitten up while resting. Its absolute torture to deal with. So lets put together our heads to end the bed bug epidemic for good.

Please leave your comments below if you have a solution to share on getting rid of bed bugs.

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