Is It A Bed Bug Or Mosquito Bite | What Is Biting Me?

Mosquitoes VS Bedbugs




Spring is here, those warm summer nights approaching very soon. Mosquitoes are back looking for their next blood meal. And at the same time lurking in the homes of many people are those little unseen mischievous insects also known as bedbugs just ready to take a bite out of you.

So will you be able to tell this warm season what is really biting you? I’m not so sure you will be able to tell because I really couldn’t tell what biting me during my whole awful experiences with bedbugs and mosquitoes during summer. ⠀In the beginning, I automatically assumed it was mosquitoes biting me. But deep inside I also believed it may have been bed bugs.


I was being bitten multiple times at night…

I knew what to look for with previous experience with bed bugs, but on one night there it was, as I got up to itch my leg I saw a bed bug trying to scurry away. I ran into the bathroom and got some tissue, smashing the bed bug then picking it up, I then flushed it down the toilet. Then I stayed up and worried when the next one was coming, so I stayed up countless nights hunting for more bed bugs.

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Is It A Bed Bug Bite Or A Mosquito Bite??


When you get bit by a mosquito you start to feel very itchy. Your skin starts turning pink, followed by welt. And the bite is usually generalized in one spot. They don’t tend to stick around to bite again in same area once bitten.  Mosquitoes and bed bugs can bite anytime in the day and anytime in the night making it hard to determine what is biting you.

But based on what I’ve been through personally I found out that bed bugs tend to only bite during the evening nights, and way early in the mornings. The times that I would’ve usually got bitten would be in between 6 pm to 5 am. When bed bugs bite you, the bites tends to be in group bites. Like 3 or 4 bites around each other, you can also get a singular bite but it’s more than likely you will have more than one bite as the bed bugs are not satisfied with the capillary under the skin it will bite again and again until it is satisfied. The bites from a bed bug can lastn anywhere between 4-7 days. Some may not have any reaction to bed bug bites at all.

If you’re ever worried about if its a bed bug bite or a mosquito bite go through the ultimate test. Just try to make sure your bedroom is mosquito-free before you go to sleep. If you don’t feel like you let any mosquitos in your bedroom and you can go to sleep. If you end up getting bite overnight while you’re laying down then there could be a chance you have bed bugs. You may also find some itchy bumps when you wake up, that’s one of the definite signs of bed bugs.

During my experience with bed bug bites and mosquito bites, is that I found bed bug bites to be itchier than mosquito bites. And my bed bug bites lasted way longer. But every person is different. Some don’t even notice they’ve been bitten at all.

Bed bugs and mosquitoes are both drawn to you by the heat and carbon dioxide. So they can find you pretty much anywhere even with the lights out. IT DOESN’T MATTER how clean you are, it doesn’t matter how dirty you are, they will track you down and get you if they can.



What Bites Me At Night??


Do you think it could be something else biting you? Well, let us take a look at other insects or conditions that could cause you to get bitten overnight bedsides bed bugs.

Spider bites- Spider bites are often rare, Spiders do not usually bite people unless provoked to do so, they do not want to suck your blood like mosquitoes or bed bugs would want to do. Spiders have no interest in seeking humans at all. They will mostly only bite you if you aggravate them.




Biting Mites- The most common biting mites are the chicken mites, tropical rat mites, chiggers, and scabies. Chicken mites usually invest chickens but can invest other birds as well. They hide near nesting areas and feed at night. They can invade homes and building and bite humans. Mites tend to be a problem for most homeowners. Rodent mites tend to bite when their feeding source is no longer available. Their main dish is mice, but it will also bite humans and rats often causing a painful itchy rash around the bite site. Chigger mites attack reptiles, humans, mammals, birds, etc. They typically feed on rodents but will bite humans if available. Chigger mites do not suck blood but can nip into the skin. Once they nip into the skin they digest saliva. If they are not disturbed they can feed up to seven days. Their bite marks will leave you hard, inflamed and itchy. Scabies mites infest humans and mammals. They are usually spread through contact from one person to another. Scabies mites burrow into the skin, then they lay their eggs. They feed on the skin with a life cycle in between ten and seventeen days. The outbreak from scabies can go unnoticed for a month. The bite sights can become really irritated and itchy especially at night.

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Fleas- If you have a pet its a possibility that what is biting you at night could be fleas, Fleas can be in your bed as well as your pillows, sheets, and blankets too. Fleas can be all over your carpets and floors especially if you have an infestation. Flea bites look like small red dots, the bite location on the human body is usually around the foot and ankles. Flea bites are different than bed bug bites. Even though the can bite you more than once cause a group of bites to form around each other, bed bug bites are more intense their bites are more of in rows of each other. Flea bites are similar to mosquito bites.

There can be a good chance that there are other insects biting as well, but if your getting bite at night, only at night, at least every night or other night then it’s most likely you have bed bugs. You will want to do a thorough check throughout your sleeping area. Then you will want to take action to start getting rid of what’s biting you.




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