Temperature Required To Kill Bed Bugs | Natural Ways Kill Bed Bugs

Have you ever wondered what the required temperature is to kill bed bugs? What is better heat or the cold? Let’s take a look at the temperatures required to kill bed bugs.



Bed Bugs In Cold Temperatures

Have you ever wondered if you put all your furniture that is infested with bed bugs outside  in the snow what would happen? The required temperature to kill bed bugs in the cold is 0 degrees F in the freezer. The time length of the bed bugs being in the freezer is 3 to 4 days long. If we put our items outside in the wintertime in the snow there’re very little chances of our bed bug friends dying off. This is because it’s not likely to reach the required temperature consistently. The reason is that they can hide deep enough in your furniture or your clothes and other objects to warm up and stay protected from the cold weather. You can also damage your furniture, clothes or other objects you put outside. So unless you’re using your freezer, try to refrain from putting your stuff outside in the cold.

Bed Bugs In Heated Temperatures

If the cold is not going to work out so well then the heat must work better, right? Yes, yes, yes, heat works very well with getting rid of bed bugs. If you ever visited my website before you know I wrote an article on at-home remedies that stated heat is the best way to get rid of bed bugs,  and that’s an absolute fact. If you call a bed bug pest control, they most likely are going to use heat to eliminate them.

The temperature to kill off bed bugs can range from 113 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and they should be exposed to it over 90 minutes of time. The heat will travel working its way into cracks and small crevices in the house. After a couple of hours of exposure time, the bed bugs should be dead. Unlike the cold weather, if you were to sit your furniture outside on an extremely hot day you most likely will have some success in killing most of the bed bugs, but then some can hide so deep into the furniture that they will be able to stay cool from the heat. You want to make sure whatever you put outside is in the extreme heat, and that the bed bugs are positioned in such a way their exposed. If they cannot be exposed wrap your objects or furniture in clear plastic putting it directly into sunlight. That will have a suffocating effect on hard to get rid of little creatures.

Natural Ways Kill Bed Bugs

What are some natural ways to kill them?

Maybe you’ve tried those harmful chemical sprays that smell so strong they can hardly be tolerated. You want a solution without it having dangerous side effects.

When I was going through the process of eliminating bed bugs one of the first things I wanted to do was figure out a way to stop them from biting me at night while I slept. Then I wanted to also figure out how to stop them from biting me when I sat on the couch.

So as I previously mentioned in one of my posts before on my website, this is how I came up with using the saran wrap. To wrap the furniture and to wrap the beds. At the time I couldn’t afford to buy bed bug covers so the saran wrap was a temporary cheap solution until I could purchase some bed bug encasements.

At dollar tree, the saran wrap was only a dollar. The duct tape I would purchase from dollar general for 3 to 4 dollars a roll. I need a roll of duct per furniture piece and per mattress/boxspring. If you would like to know more in detail on how I did this please read my article killing bed bugs naturally



Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Washing & Drying– You will want to start off by washing all your clothes, sheets, blankets in hot water, then drying it on a high setting. If you have a piece of clothing or blanket and sheets that will get ruined by hot water. You might want to come up with a different solution such as regular washing it. Then dry it on a high setting or regular washing and leaving it outside for a few hours on a very hot day.

Baking Soda– Sprinkle baking soda all over your carpets into the cracks and crevices of where you think the bed bugs are hiding, also all over your box springs and mattresses and other places you suspect bed bugs to be. You must then leave it for a week long. The baking soda will then dry out the bed bugs that are visiable killing them over time. You can then vacuum it all up. This solution also helps with fleas as well.

Don’t under-estimate the power of vacuuming!

Vacuuming– If you vacuum consistently it can be very helpful in getting rid of the bed bugs if done right. You must have a vacuum that sucks up everything very well. It also must have a hose. If the vacuum hose comes with pieces that attach to it that will help you a great deal sucking up the bed bugs. After each time you vacuum you must empty the vacuum bag or contents into a sealed trash bag. You will then dispose of the trash outside to the dumpster.

Steaming the bed bugs- You can also get rid of them by steaming. If you purchase a good steamer that has different nozzle attachments. You can steam your furniture, beds, box springs, curtains, walls, carpets, and other infested areas to kill the bed bugs and their eggs. You might want to invest in a steamer that holds at least a gallon of water so you can continuously steam. If done correctly your well on your way to eliminating bed bugs from your home for good.

Bedbug Traps- If you purchase some bed bug individual traps. You can put one underneath each leg of your bed or sofa. These traps are a great way of finding out if you have bed bugs Tip: Always make sure your sheets and blankets aren’t hanging off the bed.


Bed Bug Bed Encasements & Sofa Covers- Having bed bug protection where you sit and where you sleep can give you a great deal of relief. They stop the bed bugs from being able to reach you while you sleep or while you’re sitting down watching tv. But there are steps you must take before putting them on your furniture or over your beds. You will want to make sure you vacuum, then steam first and then apply the treatment of your choice whether it be natural spray or a pesticide. Then put the encasements or bed bug covers on.

Trying the above treatments will help you eliminate a lot of bed bugs. I always say if you can afford pest control to come out to handle the bed bug problem definitely do it. But for those of you who can’t afford it, If your persistent, consistent and determined you can definitely beat the bed bugs without calling expensive pest control with hard work and natural methods.


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