Why Are Bed Bugs Back – Friends With Bed Bugs

Why Are Bed Bugs Back

So you got rid of bed bugs, but now they’re back!! How could that be, you might ask yourself? You take all the necessary precautions to make sure that the problem does not reoccur, so why are the bed bugs back?

Here are some reasons why…


You Have Moved From An Recent Infestation Of Bed Bugs And You Did Not Completely Get Rid Of The Bed Bugs And There Eggs.



If you just had to move because your home was infested with bed bugs chances are you could have bought a few with you.

If you take your belongings with you, one or more of those items could have contained a couple of bed bugs especially if you did not call pest control to take care of the problem before you moved.

When moving you will want to be sure to comb through and inspect each and every item. Spray then wipe and clean as needed looking for any signs of bed bugs and their eggs. Bed bug eggs are very tiny oval-shaped, off white in color, almost undetectable so they can be easily missed if not looking carefully.

If you feel any of your electronics or anything like still might be infested with bed bugs you should seal those items for at least a year or until you could appropriately eradicate the bed bugs from them.


Public Places


Did you know that you could get bed bugs from any public place? You just don’t know who got bed bugs. Bed bugs love to travel. You could get bugs from being on a train, or plane, you could get them from school, libraries, any social events. You could get them from airports, taxes, buses, cars, you can literally pick up a bed bug anywhere.

Bed bugs do not discriminate doesn’t matter how clean are dirty you are they just want one thing your blood and if your near one they can attach themselves to you easily with no problem. You won’t even be able to tell they are on you probably until its too late. But if you are sensitive to there bites like I am, you will definitely be able to tell that you may be getting bite by a bed bug with no problem.


You Thought You Got Rid Of The Problem And You Really Didn’t 

So you tried to DIY the bed bug situation but it only takes care of the problem temporarily. You didn’t properly terminate every single bed bugs or their eggs because they hide very well from your DIY methods using sprays and all kinds of pesticides.

If you are going to attempt to take care of the bed bug situation yourself and you don’t want the bed bugs to come back. You must use heat such as a steam cleaner, washing your clothes and items that can fit into the washer then drying them in a high setting. Direct contact with dryer pointed at bed bug, ironing your clothes and other fabric you feel has bed bugs. Calling pest control to eliminate the problem. Buying your own professional bed bug heaters or bed bug heating chambers. Using heat temperature required to kill bed bugs at 118 degrees F up to 125 degree F is the most effective way to get rid of the bed bugs and their eggs!!


You Visit Someone Who Has Bed Bugs, Or Someone Visits You Bringing A Couple Of Them Into Your Home.

This is the most common way people get bed bugs. The second most common way is from staying in hotels or spending the nights in someone’s home unaware that they have bed bugs you end up taking the bed bugs back home with you.

This is the way I’ve got bed bugs in my home every single time. It was because someone bought them in my home. And this is the way I continuously get bed bugs throughout the years. Just my luck, right?? Yikes…

 Friends With Bed Bugs


You spend all this time and money on getting rid of bed bugs just to have the problem reoccur over and over again.

That’s sucks…trust me I know because it has happened to me too many times then I would like to admit.

But you cant just cut off the people you love over a bug problem right? I am not going to lie I thought about it. Let’s face it bed bugs are torturous creatures to have around, and they cost thousands of dollars to get rid of professionally. So to have to deal with it because someone you love has to do deal with it seems unfair.

But when you love your family and friends it’s hard to stay away from them despite the fact they have bed bugs. If they are not aware that they are transmitted bed bugs its then a bigger problem. Then it becomes hard to track the source of where they came from. And even though you may have an idea where the source of the problem is, you can’t go around accusing everybody.

Some people whether they are family or friends decide to stay quiet about bed bugs if they have them due to embarrassment. Reassure them its ok to talk about it. That way the elimination process can be started together, getting rid of bed bugs from both homes to end the cycle of reoccurrence.

Only if you find the source of a repeated attack of the bed bugs then you can you truly eliminate them.

Note: Don’t make the mistake I have and go into panic mood accusing everyone of bringing you a bed bug. Instead, let everyone know how you feel respectively. Ask your family member or friend to take care of there problem.

If they are not in agreement on helping you help them then maybe consider no visitors in your home till you find the source, and treat the problem.

That way you won’t waste money on your end continuously getting rid of the bed bug problem. It could be timely, costly,  and emotionally draining.

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